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We Defend individuals and companies named in lawsuits that are all too often expensive, time consuming and unfounded. We know the frustrations and inefficiencies. We believe in communication to set clear goals, lean staffing to conserve resources, and flexibility in everything from reporting, to budgets, to billing, to strategy. It's your case.

We Prosecute swiftly and effectively to protect the client's rights, intellectual property, technology or workforce. We will not pursue a frivolous claim. But we do not shy away from just claims that demand redress, and we have the resources and the track record to prove it. Ask anyone.

We Counsel to help navigate both courts and commerce. We believe in an ounce of prevention; and we draft contracts and letters of intent that stand up in court, because we've been there.

We Welcome your inquiries, comments and input at every stage of the representation. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and our results. We've learned: the more closely you're involved with our work, the more you'll like what you see.