Toxic Tort and Product Liability Defense

The Firm devotes a significant amount of energy to the defense of toxic tort claims. These include claims alleging asbestos and benzene related illnesses as well as chemical and other exposures. We are national counsel to three Fortune Five Hundred Companies in asbestos litigation and provide representation and advice on lawsuits filed in Texas, California, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states. Attorneys providing representation in this area are licensed in Texas, Ohio and West Virginia. While the great majority of such claims are settled, sometimes during trial or on the courthouse steps, we have taken several cases to a successful defense verdict. The hallmark of our practice is the efficient use of resources and effective and timely resolution of claims.

We have established a network of expert witnesses who assist us in preparing and evaluating exposures and presenting our client's individual story. We strongly believe that our ability to try toxic tort cases provides credibility to our negotiations and tends to produce very favorable settlements. We have constructed and maintain databases for our clients and assist them in tracking and maintaining costs. Our policy is "no surprises" as we strive to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Lawyers of our firm have more than eighty years of experience in defending product liability claims. Our clients have included manufacturers of mining equipment and cranes, over-the-road trucks and automobiles, tires, roofing and various other construction products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals and herbicides, as well as major distributors of gas, oxygen and electricity, to name a few. The "nuts and bolts" of these cases involves the evaluation of personal injury, property damage, economic and emotional loss and the engagement of experts in various disciplines to evaluate and defend a claim through trial and appeal, if necessary. Although we are unabashedly trial lawyers, we seek to resolve litigation on a case-appropriate basis, and four of our trial lawyers have become certified mediators. When alternative dispute resolution is indicated, we are ready and well-versed in the principles and strategies of negotiation and settlement, through mediation and other means that fit the case.

Our goal is to provide excellent service of the sort that fosters long-term client relationships.

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